Ariel Schnee's Bio

Ariel was created using a CYOA.

Name: Ariel Schnee

Nickname: Cute Snow Princess

Race: Human

Weapons: Schattenlilie Right (Shadow Lily Right) - Schattenlilie Left (Shadow Lily Left)

Gender: Female

Age: 17 (Immortal)

Outfit: See pic above

Accessory: Necklace (Body Maintenance Amulet)

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Complexion: Pale White

Height 5' 3" (1.600 Meters) In Heels - 4' 11" (1.499 Meters) Without Heels

Weight: 94 LB.

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Light Blue

Aura: Awakened

Semblance: Glyphs

Affiliation: Atlas, Schnee Family, Schnee Dust Company

Heiressship: Gave up all rights to heiressship and let her twin sister Weiss have it instead.

Status: Alive


Nicholas Schnee (Maternal Grandfather) (Deceased)

??? Schnee (Maternal Grandmother) (Deceased)

??? ??? (Paternal Grandfather) (Deceased)

??? ??? (Paternal Grandmother) (Deceased)

Snowfall Schnee (Mother) (Alive)

Jacques "Jackass" Schnee (Father) (Alive)

Winter Schnee (Older Sister) (Alive)

Weiss Schnee (Twin Sister) (Alive)

Whitley Schnee (Younger Brother) (Alive)

Position: Black sheep of the Schnee family, Adventuress, Thrillseeker

Sexual Pref: Anything, as long as it's cute and not deadly

Relationship Status:




Team RWBY (Friends) (Alive)

Team JNPR (Friends) (Alive)

Team CFVY (Friends) (Alive)

Fall Maiden Amber (Friend) (Alive)

K9 (Pet Robot Dog) (Alive)

Headmaster Ozpin (Headmaster) (Alive)

Glynda Goodwitch (Teacher) (Alive)

Cinder Fall (Enemy) (Dead, by Ariel's hands)

Adam Taurus (Enemy) (Dead, by Yang's hands)

Emerald Sustrai (Enemy) (Dead, by Salem's hands for failure)

Mercury Black (Enemy) (Dead, by Salem's hands for failure)

Roman Torchwick (Enemy) (Alive) (Imprissioned In Atlas)

Neopolitan (Enemy) (Alive) (Imprissioned In Atlas)

Salem (The Boss Enemy) (Dead, by Teams RWBY's and JNPR's hands)


Fully Powered And Mostly Functional Type 40 Gallifreyan TARDIS



Weapons - Schattenlilie Right (Shadow Lily Right) - Schattenlilie Left (Shadow Lily Left)

Camo Cloak

Survival Kit/Backpack


Bag of Lien/Dollars/Money

Box of Dust

Fake IDs

Psychic Paper

Journal Book


The Morphing Tool

Body Maintenance Amulet

Toilet Med

Mp3 Control Console
Langrisser V - Clarett.mp3 from Langrisser V
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