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Ariel Schnee's Bio

Hello!^_^ I'm Ariel Schnee. Or rather to say, I roleplay Ariel Schnee on the internet. Yes, that's right. Roleplay. I'm not really Ariel Schnee. I would like to be, but unfortunately I'm not.

Remember G'Kar's words from Babylon 5. "No one here is who he appears to be. Not Sinclair. Not Delenn. And especially not me." I think those words describe the internet quite well. We're all roleplaying a part when we go on the internet.

There are many different versions of Ariel Schnee I have created. You can find the list of them down below. I hope you like some of them.^_^

01. RL Ariel (SFW). This is actually the real RL me. I hope you're not too disappointed now.

The rest of them have been taken down while I rewrite all of my CYOAs.

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