Hello and welcome to everyone who doesn't know me, I'm Ariel's cute pansexual cousin Sasa!^_^

And to everyone who does know me... Welcome here, and how are ya'll doing?^_^

Ariel was kind enough to let me have some space on her server, since I don't have any webspace of my own.^_^

"Thank you Ariel!" Sasa runs up and glomps onto Ariel and hugs her.

Ariel Sweats a bit and looks nervous. "You're welcome Sasa."

Sasa continues to hug Ariel more.

Ariel's face is red. "Sasa?"

Sasa contiunes to hug Ariel. "Yes?" Sasa giggles.

Ariel's face is still red. "While I am glad you appreciate the webspace... COULD YOU PLEASE PUT SOME CLOTHES ON?!"

Sasa hugs Ariel some more. "Nope." Sasa smiles.

Ariel is even more red. "Huh? WHY NOT?!"

Sasa smiles. "Because I like making you all flustered like this." Sasa giggles.

Ariel turns even more red. "ARRRGGGHHH!" Ariel manages to get out of the hug, and heads off to take a cold shower... or three.

Sasa laughs. "I just love teasing her like that." Sasa smiles and giggles.

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