Hello and welcome to everyone who doesn't know me, I'm Ariel's cute pansexual cousin Sasa!^_^

And to everyone who does know me, welcome here and how ya'll doing?^_^

Ariel was kind enough to let me have some space on her page, since I don't have any webspace of my own now.^_^

Sasa: Thank you Ariel! *Runs up and glomps onto Ariel, hugging her now*

Ariel: *Sweating a bit, looking nervous* You're welcome Sasa.

Sasa: *Continues to hug Ariel more*

Ariel: *Face is red* Sasa?

Sasa: *Hugs* Yes? *Giggles*

Ariel: While I am glad you appreciate the webspace... COULD YOU PLEASE PUT SOME CLOTHES ON?!

Sasa: *Hugs more now* Nope. *Smiles*

Ariel: HUH, WHY NOT?!

Sasa: *Smiles* Because I like making you all flustered like this. *Giggles*

Ariel: ARRRGGGHHH! *Manages to get out of the hug, and heads off to take a cold shower... or three*

Sasa: *Laughs* I just love teasing her like that. *Giggles*

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